Our Tenants – Frequently Asked Questions

For our existing tenants we have compiled a list of common questions we get asked, this may provide you a faster resolution for a question you may have.

Our office is open Monday – Friday 09:00am – 5:00pm.
We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays
We may also be closed for office events or in house training.

Please call our 24-hour office number 08-9414 3788.
Choose the option to log an emergency call and you will be directed
to our out of hours emergency service. Please leave your contact details, your property address and the issue with the operator.
Our staff will be alerted about your issue and will contact you.

Do not send an email for an emergency issue, as emails are only checked on the next business day.

I have a non-urgent maintenance issue, what do I do?

Please send an email to Help@RegalGateway.com noting the issue and photos or videos will help understand the issue better.

Alternatively, please use the maintenance request form on our website to log the issue for next business day action.

Jobs requiring attention by tradespeople firstly require permission from the Landlord. Once the Landlord’s approval has been obtained, a work order
is forwarded directly to the specific tradesperson, who will then be in direct contact with you to arrange a convenient time to address the approved maintenance. Please be aware that works carried out on the property by any person not approved under a work order from our office , Regal Gateway Property may result in your liability to pay the account.

If you have locked yourself out, you are responsible for gaining access to the property. During business hours you can collect our office set of keys for access from our office. If this happens after hours, you will need to call a locksmith. All lost keys are the responsibility of the tenant. If a lock has to be rekeyed, then you must supply your Property Manager with a key.

If you have any problems with your rent payments, please notify your Property Manager at the earliest possible time. Please note that our office protocol is to issue a breach If you fall into arrears even though you have made contact.

It is a requirement of your tenancy to seek permission
if you wish to change or add tenants to your rental property. We require the person to submit an application for residential tenancy requesting
permission to reside at the property under your current lease term. We then process their application and check their references to ensure they are a suitable occupant. The Landlord is then requested to grant permission for this applicant to occupy the property. If permission is granted the tenant is only permitted to reside at the property by following the guidelines provided by your Property Manager

Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract and as such a process needs to be followed to break any tenancy agreement. In the first instance, please contact your Property Manager to inform them of your intention. They will forward you a ‘break lease form’ and details of your obligations. Please note, the office cannot begin to advertise your property for rent until the ‘break lease’ form has been executed and returned.

In accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act, you will be required to pay all costs incurred as outlined in your break lease form including but not limited to rent until another tenant is found and maintenance of the  home until a new tenant is found.

The Landlord is responsible for insuring the property. The Landlord is not responsible for any damage to tenants’ possessions. Tenants should take out their own content’s insurance for their possessions

The rental bond is requested as financial protection should there be a breach in the Tenancy Agreement. Your rental bond will be lodged with the Bond Administrator. The bond is held as security against any property damage, undue wear and tear or in the event there is rent outstanding. In the event that there is no damage to the property over and above ‘normal wear and tear’ expected during the term of your tenancy, rent is paid as appropriate, the bond amount will be refunded promptly after you vacate. The amount of the bond is specified in the Tenancy Agreement document.
Rent cannot be intentionally left to come from the bond.

When you collect your keys, you will be provided with a property condition report. This is used to determine the condition of the property upon your occupation and ensure that it is returned to us in the same condition. It also ensures that you are not held responsible for damage at the expiry of your tenancy which may have been there prior to your occupation. You have seven working days to make comment and additional notes, sign and return the document to our office. The document will be filed with your Tenancy Agreement and used as evidence of the property condition at tenancy commencement compared to the condition upon return. This report must be returned with any amendments to our office within 7 days for our agents to review.

Routine Inspections are usually performed every three (3) months during your tenancy. We are required under the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Act to provide you with seven to 14 days written notice of the upcoming inspection. This letter is emailed to you and will specify the date and the time of the inspection (morning or afternoon) during which the inspection will be conducted. You don’t have to be present, but are most welcome to be there so we can discuss any problems or aspects of your tenancy that requires attention.

Once the Property Manager has received/issued your ‘Notice of Intention to Vacate/Notice to Vacate’, they will contact you and advise requirements for handing over vacant possession. Once vacant possession is established (that is, all keys have been returned) a bond/final inspection can be completed. Please note: a Property Manager cannot complete a bond/ final Inspection until vacant possession has been established and rent may be payable until all keys are returned. The bond will only be returned once it has been established that all rent is paid as required, the property has been returned in its original condition as per the property condition report (excluding fair wear and tear) and all applicable invoices have been paid.

It is your responsibility unless advised otherwise to have the utilities (gas, electricity, telephone, pay TV, internet) connected in your name. You must have the account finalised when you vacate. Please note: you will be registered for Connect Now which is a free service that we provide, you may use this service or cancel and organise your own.

Once any outstanding issues have been addressed when the tenant and Landlord/agent agree that the bond should be paid out, the security bond refund form will need to be completed and signed by both parties. The document is forwarded to the Bond Administrator requesting the release of the bond.



Maintenance Related Questions

Check the battery in the remote as this is the most common cause. Otherwise, check that the combination in the remote is the same as the combination on the panel in the garage. This is not always possible depending on the type of remote. If there has been a power outage you will be unable to open the automatic door unless you activate the manual release mechanism. This may need re-setting once the power has been restored in order to re-activate the automatic process. Check that the lever in the garage (generally next to the control box) is on auto. If it is on manual the remote control will not work. However, you should be able to manually operate the garage door

It is extremely important that you do not pour fats/oils and other food scraps down the drains. Over a long period of time this will cause problems with the drains, septic system. It will result in an inconvenience to you as the tenant with drains backing up and not draining away properly. It is also detrimental to the environment. Do not flush sanitary products, disposable nappies or nappy wipes down the toilet. These items do not break down and cause obstructions in the drainage system. If these items are flushed and cause a blockage you will be held responsible for the cost of the repair.

No power to the property or no lights or no power points working? Firstly, check the meter box. In most cases the problem will be that a fuse or safety switch has tripped. This usually happens if you have a faulty appliance or if you have too many appliances switched on at the same time. Take special note of any switches that are in the off position. You will need to turn all switches to the off position and completely unplug the appliance from the wall, leave them off for a few minutes and then turn them all on again. Turn each appliance on, one at a time. If the safety switch trips when you turn on the toaster, kettle etc. then it is likely that an appliance is faulty or has just become faulty. Keep in mind that it can sometimes be the fridge or other major appliances that have recently become faulty.

In an old home, you may have the old-style fuses that should not be fixed by the tenants. Have a look at the fuses and see if you can see the wire broken on any of the fuses. If an electrician is called to the property and the fault is with one of your appliances or simply to reset the Safety Switch then you will be charged for the service fee.
all bond monies held against the tenancy.

How to recognise abnormal operation of your hot
water service:

Pressure and temperature relief valve running It is normal for these valves to allow a small quantity of water to escape during the heating cycle and the unit expands and contracts. The amount of discharge will depend on hot water usage. As a guide, if it discharges more than 20 litres of water in 24 hours, please contact your Property Manager.

Firstly, you need to check and see if it is Gas or Electric.

Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out?
Have you set up your gas connection?
Is the gas turned off at the mains?
Most units can be easily re-lit following the instructions on the unit.

Have you checked that the hot water switch is turned on?
Have you check the fuse in the meter box?

After you have checked these and you still do not have any hot water, please contact your property manager.